Electoral Office

The electoral office is a department within the Ministry of National Security, Air and Sea Port Development.

Visit |     (784) 457-1762 or (784) 485-6844 |     Mon-Fri 8am - 4: 15pm

The general public is asked to note that Registration in ALL Constituencies will resume in the following places from Monday, 31st May, 2021, until further notice.

All persons who qualify to be registered as voters, and therefore as holders of a National Identity Card are asked to visit the Registering Officer at the under-mentioned venues in their constituency.                            


Mondays: Berean Baptist Church–Mt. Bentinck 

Wednesdays: Berean Baptist ChurchMt. Bentinck

 NORTH CENTRAL WINDWARD Mondays: Colonaire Primary School

Wednesdays: Park Hill Government School

Mondays: New Grounds Primary School

Wednesdays: Greggs Primary School

 SOUTH WINDWARD Mondays: Stubbs Government School

Wednesdays: Stubbs Government School
 MARRIAQUA Mondays: Choppies’s Riverside-Marriaqua

Wednesdays: Choppies’s Riverside-Marriaqua
 EAST ST.GEORGE Mondays: Town Hall-Calliaqua

Wednesdays: Seventh Day Adventist Church-Belmont

Mondays: Fountain Seventh Day Adventist Church

Wednesdays: Fountain Seventh Day Adventist Church

 EAST KINGSTOWN Mondays: Saint Vincent Technical College- Arnos Vale

Wednesdays: Saint Vincent Technical College- Arnos Vale
 CENTRAL KINGSTOWN Mondays: Bishop’s College

Wednesdays: Bishop’s College
 WEST KINGSTOWN Mondays: Public Health Building-Rose Place

Wednesdays: Public Health Building-Rose Place

Mondays: Questelles Police Station

Wednesdays: Questelles Police Station

 CENTRAL LEEWARD Mondays: Old Police Station–Keartons, Barrouallie

Wednesdays: Layou-Learning Resource Center
 NORTH LEEWARD Mondays: Spring Village-Police Station

Wednesdays: Rose Hall-Government School
 NORTHERN GRENADINES Mondays: Friendly Society Hall–Port Elizabeth

Wednesdays: Community Centre – Paget Farm
 SOUTHERN GRENADINES-(Union Island) Mondays: Social Welfare Office–Clifton

Wednesdays: Learning Resource CentreAshton
 SOUTHERN GRENADINES(Canouan) Mondays: Administrative Building-Canouan

Wednesdays: Administrative Building-Canouan


Registration takes place between 3:30 p.m. and 5: 00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Those persons desirous of being registered must take along their birth certificates,
marriage and/or citizenship certificates ALONG with photocopies of each as well as N. I. S Cards



SOURCE: Electoral Office