Electoral Office

The electoral office is a department within the Ministry of National Security, Air and Sea Port Development.

Visit |     (784) 457-1762 or (784) 485-6844 |     Mon-Fri 8am - 4: 15pm
(a) If at any time the identification card is stolen, lost, burnt or misplaced, the person should report it to the Registering Officer in his/her constituency or report to the Office in Kingstown. A reprint of the ID card will be made and issued six (6) months after the report was received. A temporary ID card would be issued for this period of six (6) months.
(b) If the Identification Card is found after it has been reported lost, stolen or misplaced, kindly report this information immediately to the Electoral Office or the Registration Officer.
(c) A persons who is eligible to be re-registered, whose card is expired should go to be registered:
(i) At the registration stations set up by the Electoral Office in the respective Constituency
(ii) At the Electoral Office in Kingstown (emergency only)