Electoral Office

The electoral office is a department within the Ministry of National Security, Air and Sea Port Development.

Visit |     (784) 457-1762 or (784) 485-6844 |     Mon-Fri 8am - 4: 15pm

The Correct way to VOTE

1. Be sure to find out exactly where you are to vote BEFORE Election Day.

2. Present your ID Card and follow the instructions of the Presiding Officer.

  • Identify yourself by speaking loud enough so that all the Officers can hear you.

3. Go behind the voting screen and mark an X clearly for the candidate of your choice in the space provided.

  • Fold your ballot twice as instructed to protect the secrecy of your vote, leaving the counterfoil. 
  • Do not show anyone who you have voted for. Neither take a photo of the marked ballot. 

4. Give the folded ballot to the Presiding Officer so that he/she can detach the counterfoil. Dip your finger in the ink and.....WATCH while your unopened ballot is put in the box.

5. Leave the vicinity in a peaceful manner. 

how to vote